Saturday, October 22, 2011

Training is over

Training is over, and I'll be heading to my school on Monday!  For now I've got the weekend free before starting up work proper.  Went out last night with a bunch of my fellow trainees to all night karaoke here in Omiya, and am now recovering before heading into Tokyo this evening.  This has been a really thorough and fun training!  They are really clear about expectations and the workload, and there's been a ton of practice in preparing lesson plans and actually teaching.  We got to teach mini lessons to actual Japanese students as well, which was awesome.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at my school;  apparently the other native English teacher is really cool, so I'm hoping he'll be up for going out and about in Shimokita after work.  A lot of the other trainees here are going to be working in the Tokyo area, so we should be able to still hang out.  A few of the guys are going up north, so I'm definitely thinking that a winter vacation up in Niigata or Yamagata might be in order.
Me and a few of the other trainees at the seminar house


Anonymous said...

Aren't you all spiffy in your SLIPPER's? When will you be in your apartment?

Sarah said...

Aren't we though? I haven't even had a chance to wear my professional shoes except once when the trainers took us out to lunch! It's kind of funny seeing everyone all dressed up in their suits and wearing slippers though. I'll be in my apartment on Monday! I won't have internet though, I have to get that set up for myself.