Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hanging out at my hotel in LA, about to take a nap I think.  My flights from Jax to here went quite smoothly, no delays or anything!  It's so much better to have a suitcase with four wheels, I can push it around instead of having to drag it behind me and the difference is amazing.  When I have some spare cash I think I'll go ahead and get a small one with four wheels as well, it's really worth it to upgrade.
I'm going to have to leave super early tomorrow morning to catch the airport shuttle and make my flight to Japan!  Hopefully the neck pillow will make sleeping on the plane easier.  I'm so tired already from getting up at seven this morning in order to finish packing and make my flight here, I'm going to be dead on my feet if I can't get any sleep on the plane!  Then training starts the very next day... wish me luck!

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