Friday, November 29, 2013

Hong Kong part I

Started my Asia tour in Hong Kong, at a hostel in wan chai, near the business district. 

The hostel was on Hennessey Rd, which is a massive road filled with buses. The area is a little dirty but right next to the flashy business district of Central.

I was really tired the first day, because my flight was at 1am. I checked into my hostel, got some coffee, and went to the Peak because it was close. 

I took the tram up, and had to wait in a long line. It was cool though, the view from the top was nice.

Hong Kong is really smoggy.

Photo op where I had to do a selfie. People here don't offer to take your picture like in Japan! 

After that, I went to see the second Hunger Games movie. At the time I thought it was around the same price as a movie in Tokyo, but after I figured out the conversion it turned out to be only around 10 bucks. The theater sold wine at the concession stand, but I didn't get any because I was so tired and had no idea what it cost in real money.