Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Omiya

At the training center in Omiya!  I got my schedule for when I get to my branch school, but I still don't know where my apartment is because I'm getting a new one, not the one that the teacher I'm replacing is in now.  Crossing my fingers that it's a bit closer than the 30 min the old teacher's apt was from the school!
Took a walk down to Omiya station with some of the other trainees, it's a pretty far walk but there's a bunch of stuff by the station, lots of karaoke and restaurants and even a couple department stores.
I was doing pretty well this afternoon, but the jet lag is definitely hitting right about now.  I've got some stuff to do beforehand but it's gonna be another early night tonight I think!


Anonymous said...

How is the training going? I'm glad to hear you are getting to bed early.

Sarah said...

It's going well! It's very thorough and the trainers are really nice

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear everything is going well.