Thursday, November 3, 2011

Work and Halloween

I had a week of observation at work, where I observed the departing teacher's classes and also a few of the head teacher's classes, and now this week I'm teaching my full schedule.  I got my internet just a couple days ago, and I'm glad to have it!  Apparently I got everything super fast, almost none of the others in my training group have internet or even phones yet.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, the only reason I got mine so fast is because I didn't wait for any of the Japanese staff to come with me.  Normally someone will accompany you to get your bank account and also to get your cell phone, but the school is super busy so I told my manager I could do it by myself.  I really wanted that bank account so that I could get a phone!!  Once I got my phone, internet wasn't such a big deal since I could access it through the phone, but I actually managed to get internet pretty fast too.  My apartment is already set up for fiber-optic internet and the landlord has a deal with the provider, so I didn't need to go shopping around for it.

I went out for Halloween with another girl from my training group.  It was pretty fun!  We dressed up as gyaru (it's a Shibuya fashion subculture) and went to dinner, to karaoke, and out clubbing.  There were lots of people dressed up in Shibuya so it was a good atmosphere.  When we took purikura though, the place was packed!  There were so many girls wanting to take photos in their Halloween costumes.

Me and Jacqueline, after getting ready in a department store restroom!

We took purikura photos with this group of Japanese guys that we met while walking around Shibuya

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Anonymous said...

It is good that you made it there for Halloween. That blonde wig looks cute. How is your first week teaching going?