Sunday, October 17, 2010

Un film international

Went to an indie-arthouse theatre in the latin quarter tonight to see a film being shown for the independent film festival going on.  It was interesting, it was a documentary following a German photojournalist as he traveled around China taking photos and finding insight into the lives of the internal migrant workers there.  There are a lot of people who have families in the countryside but have to travel and live in the cities in order to make enough money to support them.  The film had French narration and French subtitles;  I could read the subtitles but had some trouble with the narration.  There were four different languages going on in the film, the photojournalist spoke in English and sometimes German, the narration was all French, and of course the Chinese people spoke Chinese (and some Cantonese, according to the Taiwanese girl I was there with).  There was a discussion afterwards, but we left after just a little while because neither of us could really understand it, lol.

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