Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy days

Got a full couple weekends coming up!  No plans yet for tonight, but tomorrow evening I'll be at the Paris version of the 'rally to restore sanity' and then afterwards a Halloween pub crawl;  then on Sunday there's a costume party on a boat on the Seine that sounds fun.  Then of course next weekend it's off to Rome! 
It's been pretty slow otherwise here;  Manon is on vacation but she doesn't really want to do anything so we've been mostly hanging around the house.  I drag her outside in the afternoon for some rollerblading but I haven't managed to get her to Paris yet... maybe Monday or Tuesday.  She's back to school Thursday.  Then Pauline is back from the hospital for good on Wednesday, and she'll be back to school on Thursday as well.

1 comment:

Steve said...

What are you wearing to the costume party on the Seine, Sarah? It sounds like a fun idea for a party!

Also, be sure to blog about Rome, OK? we'll be checking to hear about your adventures. -Aunt Sam