Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's window-licking good

Did some window shopping today - or, as the French say, 'leche-vitrine', lit. window licking.  How funny is that?  Learn something new every day.  I gotta save up my euro like woah so that I can afford a nice bag during the winter sales when they go half price or more!  There are sales going on all over the place now;  I went into Galeries Lafayette to take a look around and everything was 30-50% discount, even luxury brands.  There was a LINE to get into the Longchamp store because they were doing 50% and I guess everyone wants a Longchamp bag (it does seem to be the bag of choice here, seems like everyone has one - even my host mom has a Longchamp bag.  The other bag of choice is the Vanessa Bruno sequin tote, which half the moms at Manon's school have).  I also made the mistake of going and looking at the designer shoes.  There are some really awesome shoes out there.  Who wants to give me five hundred bucks so I can get a pair of Lacroix or Louboutins?  lol. 
Anyway it's pretty late here so I'm off to bed, got to take Manon to school and then off to my French class tomorrow morning. 

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