Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's v. cold

Tomorrow, I'm on a mission to find the biggest, thickest, warmest scarf I possibly can, preferably under 10 euro if possible.  It is so cold here now.  I'm already researching warm vacation destinations for December or January (I hear Morocco's nice... or maybe the Greek islands).  I'm trying to remember if Korea was this cold in October (Tokyo definitely wasn't);  I don't think it was, I think I remember it not getting consistently super cold until mid-November.  I was able to go out on Halloween in just a tank top and a suit jacket, anyway;  my Halloween costume here in France is going to have to be of an Eskimo.  (The perfect hat for it is on sale at a shop here - I'm looking for warm hats as well and I tried on this fur hat that looked warm.  It was warm, and it was huge!  It was definitely a statement hat.  I'm keeping my eye out for one possibly a little more understated, haha.)
Ok, my episode of the Daily Show just finished downloading so I am off to my bedroom, where there is no internet connection but - important - there is heat.

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