Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer vacation

Fashion's night out, posing with a Hilfiger model!
 I finally made it to Fashion's Night Out, the annual fashion event that goes on in major cities.  I went with my friend and we went into a bunch of stores, each one doing their own event.  We had complimentary champage and wine, and a dried fruits and nuts platter at Maison Martin Margiela, and we took a photo with this Tommy Hilfiger model.  We wanted to take a picture at Michael Kors because they had all sorts of fun props, but the line was too long.  There was a cool photoshoot contest going on at Omotesando Hills, but we got there just when it finished!!  It was super fun though, I'm definitely going to try to go again next year!
Wearing our yukatas on the train!
 After going to the beach at Zushi, we went back to my place and changed into our yukatas to go see some fireworks.  It was kind of hilarious, we had no idea how to put them on so we looked up a tutorial on youtube and our friends basically tied the obi for us, pausing every two seconds because it's really complicated! We had been drinking mojitos at the beach too, so were kind of tipsy already.  It's amazing that we managed to get those things on at all!
This soda is really gross!
 I walked past this soda being prominently displayed at the drugstore by my school for like a week before I finally decided I had to try it.  It was not good!  I thought that maybe by some magic chemical process coffee soda could taste good, but no.  It is so gross. I couldn't even finish it!
Tokyo bay fireworks!
 I went to see the fireworks at Tokyo bay too, with a couple friends.  I wore my yukata again so that was cool. The fireworks are great, but it's really crowded! We went to an izakaya afterward just so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds on the trains.
Mt Takao beer garden!
 We climbed Mt Takao, which is a small mountain right outside Tokyo. It's a pretty easy climb, it only takes about an hour to the top, but we went in the afternoon so we were sweating buckets on the way up!  It was soooo hot!  Fortunately there is a beer garden at the top during the summer : )  So we went and had all you can drink and all you can eat for two hours at the top of a mountain!  You can take a cable car to the top, but you appreciate the beer garden way more if you hike it!
Hanging out on my friend's balcony with sparklers and a kiddie pool!
Then afterward we went to my friend's place who lives just a couple stops from Takao and we lit sparklers and wet our feet in a kiddie pool!  We tried to fill it all the way up, but without a hose it was really difficult. We were lugging a plastic drawer from his storage container from the bathtub to the balcony, and we gave up after like five extremely heavy runs. It was super fun though!

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