Friday, June 8, 2012

Fujikyu part 2

Fuji Q
We were going to do a cat pose for Dodonpa, but as you can see it didn't quite work out as planned!  I look like I'm doing flamenco, and Lyndsey has some sort of crab pincer thing going on, lol.  Justin and Yuki got angry cat and cute cat poses down though, haha.  As a measure of how fast we are going, note that Lyndsey and I both normally have bangs!

Check that drop on Fujiyama!  I think it used to hold a world record, but it was beat.

This American dude was in the line for Takabisha.  Note how he's making the shape of the drop with his hand.
Then, this
Yes, American dude peed his pants.  No, I have no idea why he is American.  He showed up on the outside of the Takabisha line too, saying "Whaaat?  You're not going to riiiide?"  A bit cheeky of him to tease other people when he couldn't take the terror himself!

Haunted hospital
The outside of the haunted hospital was pretty cool.  Even though it wasn't as scary as it could have been, it was still really atmospheric and cool.  Every room (and there are a LOT of rooms, it's huge) is fully committed to the theme.  Apparently it's going to change soon into a prison break scenario though...
Evangelion world
There was some sort of theme walkthrough exhibition based on an anime that I saw in college that is really popular in Japan.  Here we are posing as Charlie's Angels at this cool lit up desk.

That middle red one is the one we couldn't ride because of maintenance
These are the four major coasters!  We couldn't do Eejanaika, but at least we did Takabisha twice.

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