Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zao snowboarding

Zao in the afternoon

Zao in the morning

Here we are somewhere halfway up the mountain, about to get some lunch
It was a good snowboarding trip!  Our hotel was nice too, dinner and breakfast were included and were actually really good, and the hotel had an onsen which was awesome after coming back from snowboarding.  There was an indoor bath and and outdoor one, but the outdoor bath didn't have much of a view sadly.
Some of the slopes were icy and as we got higher up the wind got stronger, but mostly it was good.  I spent the first day traipsing all over the mountain with my friends (who are both advanced snowboarders) but the second day I stuck to the lower slopes so I could practice in better conditions.  I think this was probably my last trip of the season, but I'll definitely try to do it again next season!  Maybe I can even go to a different mountain, haha.

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