Thursday, March 29, 2012


Cherry blossom beer can!

Another cherry blossom beer can!  Actually every beer has a cherry blossom design now.  I love how Japan goes all out for the seasons.

More from Disney Sea!  Here's our official Indiana Jones picture. We were all supposed to do the peace sign but as you can see some didn't quite make it, haha.

My awesome orange trench coat that I bought last weekend!
Not a whole lot has been happening lately, but I did pick up an awesome trench coat and took some pictures of the seasonal beer can designs.  I only have pictures of two because I felt weird taking pictures of all of the cans in the supermarket, lol.  Seriously every single type now has a cherry blossom motif though.
Speaking of cherry blossoms, they should be blooming soon!  Normally they would be starting right around now, but because the winter has been so exceptionally cold they're arriving a bit late.  Which is fine with me because it means I can have a cherry blossom picnic birthday party!

Golden week is coming up really soon too, at the end of April!  I haven't decided exactly what I want to do yet, though.  The tentative plan is to go to the Kansai area with some friends;  we want to hit up Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, and maybe Hiroshima if time/money allows.  I was thinking of maybe trying to squeeze in a trip to Korea to visit some of my friends there (and do some cheap shopping!), but I don't know if that will really be feasible.

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