Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, it looks like I'll be in the States for an extra month : (  My COE was lost by the post office!  Why do I always have such trouble with the mail?  Anyway at this point it's looking basically impossible to make it to the Oct. 11 training, so I'm going to have to change my flights and my contract and go for the November training instead.  It's a hassle, but at least I still have my position, and I'll still be able to go to Shimokitazawa.  Japanese immigration have issued me a second COE, so I just need to wait for that one to get here (and hope that there are no problems with it this time!) then send it on down to Miami.  I guess a plus side to all this is that I won't have to rush around trying to beat a really close deadline anymore, and I'll be able to keep working for another couple weeks and get a couple extra paychecks.  I'm sad that I won't be able to meet up with my friend from the interview at training, though.

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